Prompt systems premier products offer cutting-edge solutions, with the customizability, security, scalability, and flexibility that today’s businesses demand. PROMPT products include:

  • Corporate Universe™ - A complete securities accounting record-keeping system for stocks, bonds, and securities assets.
  • PROMPTMoneyMarket™ - An Internet-based money market instrument PROMPTuance system that provides short-term debt processing in a flexible environment.
  • Enterprise Interaction Center™ - An IP software telephony phone system. Includes call center type functionality and unified messaging for all of your voice mail, e-mail and faxes.
  • Aries™ - A Radio Frequency Identification system that will integrate with most RFID hardware and technology equipment.

In addition to our financial services products, we offer the following service solutions:

  • VoteOne™ - An industry-leading integrated solution for telephone- and Internet-based proxy voting, consent voting, and benefit enrollment.