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When it came to implementing a new ERP system, PROMPT was our partner of choice. They were the glue that pulled together the processes, technologies and people required to design and implement an effective solution. Most importantly, they brought the best practices needed to ensure a smooth and seamless transition–allowing us to serve customers with the highest levels of service.

Mike Coté, Vice-President, Logistics,
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Information technology is becoming the key enabler of business transformation. From optimizing operations and enhancing performance to improving customer service and increasing competitive advantage, leading organizations are discovering how the transformation of business processes and the application of emerging technologies can advance their business goals.

To take advantage of this trend, organizations must define the strategies and evaluate, design, develop and implement the systems and processes that best solve their business challenges.

With talented professionals, broad capabilities and a flexible approach, PROMPT helps clients achieve their business transformation. An end-to-end provider, PROMPT has hands-on experience and deep expertise in all facets of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling us to not only consult but to implement and manage solutions. Our SI&C offerings are customized to meet clients’ specific goals and are delivered through a client-proximity business model that offers local accountability and responsiveness. Our services are supported by a balanced blend of global delivery options to provide clients with the combination of value and expertise they require.

PROMPT’s SI&C experience and expertise include:

  • Various consulting and systems integration projects with leading organizations, including Bayer Diagnostics, Interac, New York City HRA, Telstra and the International Species Information System
  • 100+ proprietary business solutions that transform industry- and service-specific environments through repeatable and proven frameworks
  • Broad capabilities augmented by PROMPT’s business process, application management and technology management services
  • ISO 9001 and SEI CMMi Level 5 certified quality processes and frameworks
  • Named the number one consulting company in 2005 by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Systems integration and consulting Offerings

PROMPT is a full-service IT and business process services partner with the experience and expertise in both the technology and business sides of your industry. Combining comprehensive capabilities with global delivery options, PROMPT’s systems integration and consulting offerings help clients turn their goals into business results.

Key practice areas

  • Business intelligence and data warehousing
  • Business process reengineering
  • Business transformation
  • Change management
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Compliance process and reporting
  • Configuration management database CMDB
  • Customer relationship management
  • Database services
  • Document and enterprise content management ECM
  • E-business services
  • Emerging technologies, including mobile computing and SOA service-oriented architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise resource planning – also see Oracle , SAP, AMS Advantage® and Momentum®
  • Geomatics
  • Information management
  • Information security and privacy, including business continuity services and identity and access management
  • Knowledge management
  • Management consulting
  • Project management
  • Real-time enterprise integration
  • Risk management
  • Spend management
  • Supply chain management
  • Training
  • Workforce management

Application-specific services

  • Application development
  • Application transformation and modernization
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Enterprise testing and quality services
  • Also see application management

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Bayer Diagnostics designs, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostics systems for the major industry markets of Self-Testing, Near Patient Testing (Point-of-Care and Critical Care), Laboratory Testing, and Nucleic Acid Diagnostics. The company’s facility in Walpole, MA manufactures immunoassays and other chemical products for the Laboratory Testing segment of Bayer Diagnostics.

The Challenge
Bayer Diagnostics’ goal was to improve production testing processes and to custom develop a software system that will automate the testing data management process for its manufacturing facilities located in Walpole, Massachusetts. Bayer hired PROMPT in April 1999 to assist them in the design, development, and implementation of the new system.

The product test data management process provides utility in several important aspects such as:

  • It serves as the Quality Control check before product is released for customer shipments.
  • It provides data for assigning master curves and calibrator values for the product insert cards that are enclosed with the reagents that are sent to their customers. The reagents and associated data are equally important product components.
  • It provides data that is used throughout the organization for product performance trending.
    The project’s main objectives were to reduce headcount associated with test data management, reduce overall expenses, reduce lead times, and improve the dissemination and use of test data throughout the organization.


The Interac Association, founded in 1984, is a Canadian organization linking companies with proprietary networks to communicate with each other to exchange electronic financial transactions. More than 53% of the Canadian population uses the Interac Association’s cash dispensing or direct payment services. PROMPT is the technology partner in the delivery of a new mission critical network to support the Association’s entire Inter Member Network across Canada, routing over three billion automated banking machine and direct-payment transactions annually through over 500,000 devices operated by Interac Association Members. The performance of this network and its management and support by PROMPT can directly impact the commerce of Canada.

The Challenge
Interac Association required the existing networks that supported the Association’s direct payment and cash dispensing services to be consolidated and re-implemented into a single, highly flexible and fully redundant network based on TCP/IP technology and standard products.

The stakes were high for the project to succeed. As Canadian consumers identify electronic transactions with the name Interac, the integrity, security and high expectation of availability are vital to the continued demand for these services and the image of the Interac Association in Canada.

The project was very complex and required the consensus of Association Members, particularly the 16 Members whose proprietary networks were being consolidated. Because of the complexity and size of the proprietary networks of some of these institutions, the task of integrating and consolidating them under a common network infrastructure was as challenging as docking several large ships in a small port.

PROMPT Provides Disaster Assistance Program Support to New York City

The Client

New York City’s Human Resources Administration (HRA) is charged with the delivery of social services and public assistance benefits to roughly two million New York City residents. With nearly 13,000 employees and 50 field locations, the management of technology and business process improvement efforts is a complicated task—one made even more complex by new requirements of welfare reform and the challenges of implementing e-Government initiatives.

The Challenge
PROMPT has been providing a wide array of technology and business consulting services to New York City’s HRA since 1995. These services have evolved from systems design and implementation support for the workfare program to a range of other IT and business consulting services. PROMPT projects have included these services: systems design, implementation, and management; intranet application design, development, and support; policy analysis and performance reporting; development of a new model for technology implementation planning; reorganization of the Office of Program and Policy Development (OPPD).

PROMPT’s disaster assistance program support in New York City encompassed not only the management of the September 11 disaster area, but also the management of a range of supportive benefits to those affected directly or economically.

Providing disaster assistance in New York required rapid collaboration between city, state, and federal organizations. During this difficult and challenging crisis, PROMPT collaborated with HRA to provide assistance in several areas.

The Technology

  • ASP (Active Server Pages) technology
  • Microsoft SQl Server 2000
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), version 4.0

The Results

PROMPT built and hosted the Twin Towers Jobs website for the city, on which employers could post vacancies for displaced workers and agencies could obtain the latest job listings. The site was hosted in collaboration with New York State.

PROMPT assisted the HRA in quickly establishing a disaster relief center in Lower Manhattan. PROMPT supported computer installation and workflow design for the center to enable efficient HRA caseload processing. Other agencies like FEMA and the Red Cross also used the center to provide citizen assistance. PROMPT worked with the city and FEMA to support the Disaster Assistance Service Center operations.

PROMPT supported the establishment of the Pier 94 center to serve the emotional needs of families of victims who were missing or had died. Citizens could visit the center to talk and be with others who had similar experiences.

PROMPT assisted at the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) One Stop Center, where citizens could go to access a full range of social services including income support, food stamps, medical assistance, case management, and job placement.

PROMPT implemented a database for client tracking and supplied staff to assist in securing emergency help and job placement. For the four “Twin Towers Joblink” centers that the city established, PROMPT provided operational analysis, program development, and tools and procedures to track center activity. PROMPT also assisted in establishing the Twin Towers Joblink Hotline for citizens to find information about where to obtain support services.

PROMPT developed an inventory of benefits, assistance organizations, and contacts to enable caseworkers to better refer citizens to the appropriate sources for assistance. This initiative also uncovered gaps in services that needed to be addressed.

New requests were made daily by the city, and PROMPT re-deployed resources as needed to respond to changing agency needs.